About Us

Core Property Research Pty Ltd was established in July 2017 to provide market leading and insightful research on the property funds sector for its clients and investors.

About Core Property

Our ratings and research covers sector level research, ratings and recommendations on listed and unlisted property funds, and is built upon the extensive research experience of its staff. The Core Property team collectively, has over 50 years' experience across property, financial services and investment markets. The team has also evaluated over 500 different funds across multiple sectors and a range of investment structures over the last decade.

Our People

Dinesh Pillutla

Dinesh Pillutla

Managing Director

Dinesh has over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of roles across the property and IT sectors. Over the last 15 years, he has built up a considerable track record and research following in the listed and unlisted property sectors in a number of roles at AMP Capital, Aegis, Southern Cross Equities, and PIR. Dinesh is a frequent contributor and speaker on the Australian commercial property sector. Dinesh currently sits on the Editorial Board of the Institutional Real Estate publication – Asia Pacific.

Core Property was launched in July 2017 to provide market leading and insightful research on the property funds sector across listed AREITs and unlisted property funds.

Selwyn Chong

Selwyn Chong

Head of Research

Selwyn has over 20 years’ experience across the financial services sector, with expertise in financial analysis, underwriting, corporate strategy, capital management and risk management.

Selwyn began his career as a Property Insurance Underwriter at ACE Insurance, working in the Australian and Asia Pacific Head Office. He then joined Aegis Equities as an Equities Analyst, and has been responsible for equities coverage of the Insurance, Retail and Gaming sectors in Australia before moving to Promina, a Top 50 listed insurance group. During this time Selwyn worked as a corporate analyst and Strategy Manager and was involved in the group’s corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions as well as Promina’s merger with Suncorp. While at Suncorp, Selwyn’s responsibilities included the capital management of the general insurance operations, covering over $12 billion of investments and $4 billion in regulatory capital. He has also been involved in mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector, strategic planning, financial forecasting, modelling and risk management.

In early 2016, Selwyn joined Property Investment Research as a Senior Analyst, before joining Core Property in July 2017. At Core Property, Selwyn is responsible for research across the listed and unlisted property sector in Australia.