Core Property reviews the Cromwell Australian Property Fund

The Fund is an open ended fund that aims to provide investors with a monthly distribution yield and the potential for capital growth.

The Fund operates as a "fund of funds" by way of investing in units in other Cromwell related funds as well as an allocation to cash.

A key feature of the Fund is its ability to provide a blended return from a property securities fund with a direct property fund whilst providing monthly distributions as well as daily liquidity.

  • Currently 46.3% of the portfolio is invested in the Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities which predominantly invests in ASX-listed A-REITs.
  • 46.1% is invested in the Cromwell Direct Property Fund which holds direct property assets as well as units in other Cromwell managed property funds.
  • The Fund is targeting a distribution yield around 5%, paid monthly and offers a daily liquidity facility for investors.

The Fund is open ended, with a minimum investment of $10,000.

Core Property has rated the Fund as APPROVED.