Looking for incoming certainty - August 2020 reporting season results

During the August 2020 reporting season, the impact of COVID-19 has brought out the importance of one of the key investment criteria for property - and that is to invest in a stable and reliable income stream.

Core Property has reviewed the results of 33 ASX-listed property securities that reported during the August 2020 reporting season. The reviews cover the retail, industrial and office sectors as well as a number of high growth fund managers.

Click on the links below to view our reports.

For Week 1: Results from BWP, COF, CIP, CLW - Click here

For Week 2: Results from GPT, CQE, SCP, CNI, GMG, CQR, ARF - Click here

For Week 3: Results from ABP, AQR, ADI, DXS, VCX, GDF, GOZ, WPR, MGR, CHC, APD, ENN, ERF, ECF - Click here

For Week 4: Results from AOF, AVN, GDI, SGP, SCG, HMC, CMW, PWG - Click here