Latest Trading Metrics for Listed Property Securities

Latest Trading Metrics for Listed Property Securities
Core Property has released our latest Trading Metrics Report, which has been updated to include the results from 34 ASX-listed property securites following the August 2023 reporting season. Some of the key points in the report include:
  • Falling asset values, due to an average 34 bps increase in capitalisation rates, resulting in statutory losses for many REITs.
  • Average Core earnings declined by 3.2% over the previous corresponding period.
  • FY23 distributions were on average 2.7% lower, however guidance for FY24 is for this to increase to be 5.3% lower on average, as higher finance costs flow through to earnings.
  • The listed property is currently trading on a 6.6% distribution yield (excluding fund managers) with a wide range of yields from 4.0% - 11.1%.
  • Security prices are trading at an average 25.2% discount to NTA.
Access the Full Report from the link below.