Update on Australian Unity proposed merger

The proposed merger of the Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund (“DPF”) with the Australian Unity Office Fund (ASX: AOF) has been deferred until early February 2022.

Australian Unity Property Limited (AUPL), as Responsible Entity of the Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund (DPF) has announced that it is seeking to defer the vote on the proposed merger until early February 2022. 

The vote was originally intended to occur on 10 December 2021, and has been deferred as AOF intends to explore various capital management initiatives, as well as consider if there are opportunities to make refinements to the proposed merger.

It is expected that investors in both DPF and AOF will be updated prior to a new date being set in early February 2022.

17 January 2022 Update: The proposed merger will not proceed following advice from AOF.